Cybercartographic Atlas of canadien cinema
Adding a movie theater - Thanks!

From this page you can add a new entry in our Canadian movie theaters database. To add a new theater, in real time, in our database, simply follow the instructions below.


    1. It is necessary to obtain the geographical coordinates of the movie theater. To obtain them, simply push the button below, find the theater (with the approximate address or simply by dragging the map with the cursor), and push the button "Adopter les données" (i.e.: Accept Data).

      Geographical coordinates:





    2. Push button Form above and fill in the appropriate fields, with the geographical coordinates that you obtained through the map.

    3. After having entered the information and pushed the "Display" button, you can return to the Cyberatlas page (or refresh the window) to ensure that a marker now corresponds to the added movie theater.

    4. Georeferencing is provided by the widget Geopicker, by MyGeoposition.

    5. Thank you very much for your contribution!