Cybercartographic Atlas of canadien cinema


This research project aims to investigate the different territories of Canadian Cinema including the territories of film production (e.g. post-production), film distribution (e.g. theater locations), and film action. Through an analysis of the interrelationships between these territories in contemporary Canadian film, this research seeks to sketch the contours of an emerging postnational geography of Canada.

In order to do so we are developed a prototype of cybercartographic Atlas of Canadian Cinema.

Extended project's descriptiont.

"Google mashup" of Canadian Movie Theaters

The Google "Mashup" consists of the launch of our Canadian movie theaters database (which can be updated by visitors), on a Google Maps background. The term "mashup" here refers to a web application combining content from several sources (ie: database and map backgrounds Googles Maps).

Cybercartographic Atlas

This atlas is experimental. Its objective is to study the way in which cybercartography can expand our knowledge of cinematographic territories and, conversely, how cinema can inspire the development of new forms of cybercartographic expression.